Update: Unfortunately, FBN has experienced a severe blow. The server was hacked and being used to send out spam. I have seen no evidence that any data was taken, or passwords compromised, but if you use your FBN password for other things I would suggest you change it just in case. Again, I haven't seen any actual evidence of a data breach and it appears the only intention was only to use the server as way to send spam. It's better safe than sorry if you use the same password for banking or something important though.

Normally it would be possible to clean the infection, close any loopholes, and resume operation. Unfortunately (due to technical details I won't bore you with) the only way to ensure the same breach tactic won't happen again is to rebuild the entire website under a different software base. Obviously this is not a quick/easy task and would take some time to accomplish. After much thought, I've decided that FBN has passed it's prime and the original idea just didn't work out. Most anglers simply don't want to share information online. Even at the peak of posting, it was mostly off-topic discussion with little valuable fishing info being shared. Having "just another forum" was never the intention.

So, the bottom line is that FBN has reached it's end. It's possible I'll have a change of heart and bring it back as something a little bit different, but at this point my plan is to move on completely. If you have any questions (or just want to say hi) feel free to shoot me an email at jerry@floridabassnetwork.com. Otherwise, go catch some hawgs and thanks for the last few years of friendship and fun!

Tight Lines,
- Jerry

P.S. If you would like to see my other projects you can follow me at Cyberlogical.com. My focus is now on creating video games. I'm just getting started but expect to make some cool stuff in the near future. If you like to play games check it out!